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My research has uncovered 822 total Italian American MLB players/umpires/managers, each of whom have their own page on this site. Of these, I have acquired 729 individual player’s baseball cards.

Every card on this site is a card I own!

Kudos to Ralph Russo for creating Baseball Amore, an impressive and extensive compilation of information about Italian American Major Leaguers.”
     Lawrence Baldassaro, author of ‘Beyond DiMaggio: Italian Americans in Baseball‘, and ‘Tony Lazzeri: Yankees Legend and Baseball Pioneer

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Lennie Merullo: The first of 4 generations of pro players

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New site player additions September/October/November 2022: Harrison Bader, Miles Mastrobuoni, Mike Siani, Joe Lonnett, Logan O’Hoppe, Michael Kay, Sam Haggerty, Matt Quatraro Nicky Lopez, Cade Cavalli, and Michael Toglia

We are proud to partner with the Italian American Baseball Foundation (IABF). The IABF is dedicated to to the future of baseball & softball for Italian & Italian-American youths on the high school, college and professional levels. While we move forward, IABF – and this site – help us remember those who paved the way.

Visit their homepage and learn more about the scholarships, events, awards, games and other ways in which the IABF enriches and honors IA baseball professionals and youth.

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Site Contributor Shout Outs:

Thanks to Michael Abatemarco who corrected the high school attended by Sal Campisi, which we were able to confirm on Baseball Reference

Welcome to the site Linda DiLodovico, who is the niece of Wedo Martini – she is excited to share the site page with Wedo’s children!

Thanks to Bernard who reached out to BA to inform us that Bob Giallombardo, who was his next door neighbor, passed away on Wednesday October 10/19/22 saying “Very nice guy. So sorry for his passing.” Thank you for letting us know Bernard.

Great comment by Jeff Torricelli about his family relationship to the great Phil Cavarretta

Thank you to Damon for pointing out Sam Haggerty’s Italian heritage; he was prompted to contact us after hearing Sam’s walk-up song (“The Godfather Waltz”).

Great to hear from visitor Paul Tennihan who remembers going to Essex Catholic High School with Bob Molinaro – thanks for sharing!

Mille Grazie to Herb Tamres who posted about his time at Lafayette High School together with Bob Aspromonte, Sandy Koufax and Al “The Bull” Ferrara.

Thank you to Michelle Ceccarelli for her memories of her father-in-law’s brother, Art Ceccarelli.

Big thanks for the info on Justin Verlander‘s Italian Heritage from Twitter user @Shawn_Spradling – it seems that Justin’s maternal grandmother is Italian-American, with both her parents from Italy.

Thanks to site visitor C. D’Angelo for alerting us to Gerrit Cole’s Italian heritage!

… and, as always, thanks to Chris Leggitt for his continuing support of this site!!

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Further Reading: If this topic interests you, you might want to check out the book: Beyond DiMaggio: Italian Americans in Baseball by Lawrence Baldassaro, Dom DiMaggio (forward). I read it, and it was very interesting, from both the sport and cultural points of view.

Another great book is “Reaching for the Stars: A Celebration of Italian Americans in Baseball” by Larry Freundlich (Editor)

…and another… “Baseball Italian Style” by Lawrence Baldassaro

Love New York, baseball and fiction? Check out award-winning Bronx-born author Mike Delucia‘s work on Amazon:

Being Brothers tells the story (screenplay style) of young Jackie Amato, a kid from the Bronx, growing up during the seventies
“What do a 4 foot 5 inch eccentric billionaire, a Japanese karate master, and a rogue Hall of Fame pitcher have in common? They create the greatest baseball player of all time… And her name is Ryan.”
Madness is the intriguing story of Hank Luisetti, the predawn of March Madness, and how modern basketball was born. News:

Visit some of baseball amore’s favorite non-Italian Players:

Whoever wants to know the heart and mind of America had better learn baseball” (Jacques Barzun)

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Baseball Amore! Celebrating Italian American MLB players & cards

  1. Stoney Gaddy says:

    Joe and Joe on the art of on-deck preparation and showmanship. A couple of my favorite baseball personalities growing up. Joe Garagiola was one of the most prolific voices of baseball in the 1970s and 1980s. Of course, Joe Torre was a great ball player and an even better manager.
    Here’s a great pre-game video clip from the 1975 All-Star game in Milwaukee.

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