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In the meantime, you can take a Baseball AmoreTheme Tour”

Theme Tours are Direct links between thematically-related players/cards:

Tour all Italian American MLB All-Star Players

(107 Players in 340 appearances)

Visit all the MLB players that were Born in Italy

See players Born in New York City (and LI)

Browse Italian American MLB Players Born in San Francisco/Oakland/Sacramento CA

Players who were Born in NJ

Players born in Chicago

Visit Italian American National Baseball Hall of Fame Players

Visit Pacific Coast League Italian American Hall of Fame Players

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View all Topps Cards Designs (1952 to Present) thru IA Players

View all the Italian American Players in the Jazz song: “Van Lingle Mungo

MVP/Cy Youngs: Players who have won either a Cy Young or MVP Award

Military Service during Wartime: IA Players who served during a War

Italian American Sports Hall of Fame members

Current MLB Players

Italian American MLB Managers


MLB Umpires

Brooklyn/LA Dodgers

New York Yankee players

New York/San Francisco Giants players

St. Louis Cardinals players

Boston Red Sox players

Women in Pro Baseball/AAGPBL

Pacific Coast League (PCL) Hall of Famers

Italian Heritage Unsure: Players that may/may not have Italian Heritage

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