Just a 3rd generation Italian American who loves our IA culture, baseball and the art of baseball cards… and betting I’m not the only one.

This site was my COVID-19 project…

I’ve made an effort to collect a card from every Italian American baseball player since baseball cards began. My oldest card is from 1906 (Ed Abbaticchio), and I still keep an eye out for upcoming players with Italian Ancestry – though it’s getting harder to discern.

Every card photo on this site is a card I own.

If you think I have misidentified a player as Italian who is not, message me through the site Contact Form – I respond quickly.

Also, if you think a player is missing from the site that belongs here, please let me know through my Suggest-A-Player form.

The Cards are in no particular order, other than I tried to list Hall of Famers and All-Stars up front. To find a particular player, use our Search Page.

I should mention that reading the blog of blogger “The Night Owl” was inspiring. His site is loaded with great comment and photos of baseball cards.

I’d like to dedicate this site to the Crew:
Dada/VSR, JW (“The Squink”), Fred Fred/Guhmeguhmouse, the Peanut and the newest rookie, Baby NickNicks. Oh, and of course to Michelle, with whom all things are possible.

…and to all the baseball players that have provided us with great entertainment over the years.

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