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  1. John Conte says:

    There’s a few players that I’m curious to see what Italian heritage they have:
    Zac Gallen, Daniel and Luke Bard, Joe Musgrove, Nicky Lopez, and Sal Frelick.
    Thank you and I appreciate your response and website.

    1. Sam says:

      Okay Paesano—I think you’re wrong!!

      Though I think you’ll be happy you are.

      Andre Pallante played for Team Italy.


        1. BaseballAmoreRR says:

          Please read the researched bios on each page. Both have significant Italian American ancestry.
          In fact Gerrit has significant Italian American roots, as his maternal grandfather was half Italian and his maternal grandmother was Mary Lou Aversa, the daughter of Ralph Pasquale Aversa and Mary Ann Critelli (from Calabria).

  2. Sam says:

    What about Alex Vesia of LA?

    Also, Ricky Vanasco and Nick Frasso and Hunter Feduccia of LA?

    Though those three have yet to debut.

  3. Sam Law says:


    Now i really have one for you.

    How about Chris Sale of the Atlanta Braves? If you look up his Wikipedia page he is listed as Irish/Italian–That is a fact!

    At first, I thought Irish dad/Italian mother, but I had found an online article–I can’t seem to locate it at this time–that his mother’s last name is Boyd (or something like it, again, I can’t find the article) Then I did a search and it turns out that the surname Sale'(with an apostrophe) can be Italian. I just did a search and there are 532 Sale’ families in Italy. Also, the surname Sale’ can be found in Piedmont or Sardinia…..Whaddayathink????

    1. BaseballAmoreRR says:

      Hi Sam:
      This is a tough one. While Wikipedia shows him as being an “American person of Italian Descent”, other sites (Geneology, ethnicity websites, his grandfathers obituary) all show the Sale family coming from England. Also, while the last name Sale’ does have a presence in Italy, the overwhelming majority of Sale come from England.
      I’m going to hold off adding him to the site until I see something more definitive…
      But THANK YOU for the information – and please feel free to send more suggestions!

      1. Sam says:

        Okay, sounds good.

        I looked really hard for something ironclad but the info I shared was the best I could come up with.

        I’ll keep looking, though.

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