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MLB ManagerWon League Pennant as Manager**
Martin, BillyYes
Valentine, BobbyYes
Aspromonte, Ken
Lucchesi, Frank
Quilici, Frank
Camelli, Hank
Lavagetto, Cookie
Franks, Herman
Scioscia, MikeYes
Fregosi, JimYes
Maddon, JoeYes
Altobelli, JoeYes
Amalfitano, Joe
Girardi, JoeYes
LaRussa, TonyYes
Tinker, Joe
Torre, JoeYes
Francona, TerryYes
Silvestri, Ken
Bowa, Larry
Berra, YogiYes
Mazzilli, Lee
Fonseca, Lew
Ferraro, Mike
Melillo, Ski
Cavarretta, Phil (first full-season IA manager)
Ventura, Robin
Baldelli, Rocco
Mele, SamYes
Perlozzo, Sam
Lasorda, TommyYes
Galante, Matt
Quatraro, Matt
Lovullo, ToreyYes

**Research on the 14 pennant-winning Italian American MLB Managers was provided by SABR contributor and friend of Baseball Amore Michael Marsh, who also sent along a photo of their cards from his collection:

Pennant-winning Italian American MLB Managers


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