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ken aspromonte, 1960 topps #114, seators

Player: Aspromonte, Ken

Card: 1960 Topps #114

Position: 2B/3B/Manager

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Brothers Bob and Ken Aspromonte were both graduates of Brooklyn’s Lafayette High School and both became major-league ballplayers. Ken was the eldest of the two, by nearly seven years, but Bob made the majors first, breaking in with the Brooklyn Dodgers (for all of one at-bat) in 1956.

Aspromonte broke in with the Boston Red Sox in 1957 but he’d started his career years earlier, after signing with the Sox in 1950 as he served in the U.S. Army for 22 months during the Korean War. Ken also played for the Los Angeles Angels, Milwaukee Braves, and Chicago Cubs, leaving the majors in 1963 with a lifetime .249 mark. Ken also played three years in Nippon Professional Baseball.

There was also a third brother who was briefly in baseball, the oldest of the three — Charles, who played in 1950 only, an outfielder for the Class-B Sunbury A’s (Interstate League) and the Class-B Kingston Colonials (Colonial League).

Bob Aspromonte had the longer playing career, but Ken supplemented his playing career with three years as manager of the Cleveland Indians, from 1972 through 1974.

In his Letters from Home Plate response, Ken lists Joe Dimaggio, Mickey Mantle and Yogi Berra as his favorite players growing up, Whitey Ford, Jim Bunning and Bob Gibson as the toughest pitchers he ever faced, and Fenway Park, Yankee Stadium and Wrigley as his favorite parks to play in. HIs favorite teammates were Tito Francona, Ted Williams and Jim Piersall.

(excerpted from Wikipedia, BR Bullpen & SABR)


1958 Topps #405
1959 Topps #424
1964 Topps #252
2009 Italian American Baseball Heroes #4


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One thought on “Ken Aspromonte: 7 year MLB Player, Manager, Korean War Veteran, 1 of 3 brothers in pro baseball

  1. Tom Aspromonte says:

    Hey Ken and Bob
    I was wondering if we are related thru the years I’ve been asked and I reply yes. My grandfather brother would visit us for a month in East Paterson NJ then go to Brooklyn for a month with the Aspromonte’s. Another brother was a monk in Italy , please let me know what you think

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