Players whose Italian ethnicity is in doubt, but are considered by some to be Italian-American. If you have further information on these player’s heritage, please comment on it below…

To view each of these players’ page in turn, start here then look for the above “doubtful” icon on each page to advance to the next player – or go directly to individual player’s pages through links below:

Mussina, MikeNot Italian American
Carbo, BernieUnlikely
Bevacqua, KurtNot Italian American
Tinker, JoeProbably Italian American
Maloney, JimUnlikely
LaPorte, FrankUnlikely
Robello, TonyUnlikely
Demaree, AlUnlikely
Barna, BabeUnlikely
Broaca, JohnnyNot Italian American
Fonseca, LewUnlikely
Banta, JackUnlikely
Dickerson, ButtercupUnlikely
Cafego, TomUnlikely
Senzatela, AntonioProbably Italian American
Balenti, MikeUnlikely
Duffalo, JimNot Italian American
Pico, JeffNot Italian American
Serna, PaulNot Italian American
Susce, George SrUnlikely
Susce, George JrUnlikely
Gura, LarryNot Italian American
Tarasco, TonyProbably Italian American

Visit a random Italian American MLB player:

Paul Serna*: 2 years in MLB for the Mariners


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