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What if the Beatles didn’t break up when they did? What if they continued as a band until 1980, when John Lennon was tragically murdered?

This subsite is not the first site – or movie – to imagine what 1970’s Beatle albums might have sounded like – see the Ethan Hawke compilation “Black Album”, and its inclusion in the 2014 film “Boyhood

However, this site seeks to have some fun with what four additional Beatle albums might look like. These four imagined albums are based on the time periods of when Beatle solo artists released the songs, with the caveat that some songs would be “pushed” to later albums which was a common practice with the band.


  • Songs that were obviously written in response to the breakup (“How Do You Sleep?”/Lennon; “Too Many People”/McCartney) are not included.
  • Each Imagined Album will have , at minimum,12 songs, as Let It Be and Abbey Road (the last two Beatle albums) had 12 or more each.
  • Imagined 1970 Beatle Albums generally consist of 4 songs each from McCartney/Lennon, 3 from Harrison and one from Ringo Starr.
  • These imagined albums indicate a greater presence for George Harrison, reflecting his blossoming skills as a songwriter. Also, one could imagine that a contingency of the Beatles continuing would be that Harrison got more influence on the band’s music and releases.
  • Each imagined album has a corresponding playlist on Spotify – links are included below. Individual songs on each album page also include Spotify links.
  • The albums were named after the colors mentioned in The Beatles song “All Together Now“, except for colors White, Red, Blue and Yellow (Submarine), were already used by real Beatle albums.
  • No song was included on a dated imagined album before the song was actually published.
  • Criteria/Approach: Songs were chosen by date for each album, and I tended to favor songs that were popular and indicative of the individual Beatle’s music stylistic trend
AlbumYearsSpotify link
Beatles Black1970-71Link
Beatles Green1972-73Link
Beatles Pink1974-75Link
Beatles Orange1976-80Link

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