beatles black album

Imagined Album as part of the Beatles 1970’s project

Listen to this Playlist on Spotify

SongLead BeatleSpotify
Jealous GuyJohn LennonLink
Uncle Albert/Admiral HalseyPaul McCartneyLink
Isn’t It a PityGeorge HarrisonLink
Gimme Some TruthJohn LennonLink
PhotographRingo StarrLink
Heart of the CountryPaul McCartneyLink
My Sweet LordGeorge HarrisonLink
LoveJohn LennonLink
Beware of DarknessGeorge HarrisonLink
Another DayPaul McCartneyLink
ImagineJohn LennonLink
JunkPaul McCartneyLink
All Things Must PassGeorge HarrisonLink

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