Thank you to the following Baseball Amore site contributors:

  • Big thanks for the info on Justin Verlander‘s Italian Heritage from Twitter user @Shawn_Spradling – it seems that Justin’s maternal grandmother is Italian-American, with both her parents from Italy.
  • Huge thank you for the input from Chris Leggitt in which he researched and identified another 35 IA players that were missing from the site! Some of the new players added were David Fletcher, Chase Utley, Eppa Rixey (HoF), Stephen Piscotty and many others.
  • Thanks to site visitor C. D’Angelo for alerting us to Gerrit Cole’s Italian heritage!
  • Thanks to site visitor Daniel Serafini for: (1) reminding us to add “Rocket Ron” Necciai to the site – The Rocket’s family was from the same town in Italy as Daniel’s family! (2) reminding us to post Diamondbacks owner Jerry Colangelo to the site and (3) recounting his message from Jim Duffalo who indicated that he is not an Italian American… but still a great ballplayer.
  • Thanks Chet Campanella for your wonderful memory of playing with Dick Barone!
  • Also, thanks to Jeff Fierson for the memory of working with Steve Lembo at A&R…
  • Thanks to Frank Allegro for sharing his personal story about facing Sal Campisi‘s brother Frank in HS in Brooklyn…
  • Thanks to Wayne Hallett for the memory of pitcher Jim Duffalo hitting for the Springfield Mass Giants in ’59 and ’60…
  • Thanks to Brian Ritchie for his recollection of meeting umpires Augie GuglielmoTerry TataDick Stello and Dale Long at Toronto Maple Leaf Stadium – they borrowed his Chest Protector!
  • Thanks to Donald Amareld for his comments about Ricky Bottalico‘s post-game analysis for the Phillies!

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