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vince dimaggio, oakland stars

Player: Dimaggio, Vince

Card: 1947 Signal Gasoline

Position: CF

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Vincent Paul DiMaggio was an American Major League Baseball center fielder. During a 10-year baseball career, he played for the Boston Bees (1937–1938), Cincinnati Reds (1939–1940), Pittsburgh Pirates (1940–1945), Philadelphia Phillies (1945–1946), and New York Giants (1946). Vince was the oldest brother of Joe and Dom DiMaggio.

In 1945, Vince hit four grand slams in a single season for the Philadelphia Phillies, then a record.

Lifetime, he appeared in 10 major league seasons, getting 3,849 at-bats. He had a lifetime .249 batting average. While his average was almost 20 points lower than the league as a whole, he made up for it with his defense, speed, power and walks and had a .324 OBP (10 points below average) and a .413 slugging (39 points above) for a 108 OPS+. He had 125 home runs and 209 doubles.

Never in the top 20 in the MVP voting, he was an All-Star in 1943 and 1944. He was in the top ten in the league in home runs six times. He finished second in doubles once. Blessed with both power and speed, he was in the top three in the league in Power/Speed Number a total of seven different times. He added another 240 minor league home runs, winning three home run crowns there and at least one RBI title (he may have won in '32 as well).

Th eldest Dimaggio was a power hitter in the National League at a time when few players showed power, there were not many similar players at the time. In terms of similarity scores, the most similar players are predominately from later eras: Tommy AgeeMike DevereauxCandy Maldonado, and Jackie Brandt. However, none of those players was as dominant a home-run hitter and fielder as Vince was in his era. Although not on the list of the ten most-similar players, Dwayne Murphy comes to mind as significantly similar to Vince DiMaggio. Several of the players listed on Vince's most-similar list are also on Dwayne's most-similar list. The two showed power, speed, and top fielding.

The arrival of the three All-Star brothers, all centerfielders, caused quite a stir, especially as Joe began tearing up the AL - inspiring sportswriter Grantland Rice to poetry:

Out in the olive trail they go —
Vincent, Dominic, and Joe,
Lashing, flashing, steaming hot
In the fabled land of swat.
Where the big ash sings its song
For the glory of the throng,
Or the big mace through the fray
Sends the apple on its way

Watch them as they whirl, careen,
Over the fields of verdant green.
Rulers of the batting eye,
Where their gaudy triples fly,
In the sunset’s shining glow
Who is it that steals the show?
Vincent, Dominic, and Joe.

When he retired from baseball, DiMaggio bounced from one job to another, scuffling to support his wife, Madeline, and daughters Joanne and Vicky. He worked for a time handling purchasing and inventory for the family restaurant, DiMaggio’s Grotto, on Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. Customers often prevailed upon him to sing, and they didn’t have to ask more than once. He sang operatic arias and popular love songs in a fine tenor voice. Dom thought he had missed his calling by not pursuing an opera career.

(excerpted from SABR, BR Bullpen & Wikipedia)


1980 Dover Reprints #61
2009 Sons of Italy Baseball Heroes #39


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