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Lou Schiappacasse image from eBay
Image from eBay

Player: Schiappacasse, Lou


Position: RF

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Lou "Shippy" Schiappacasse image from eBay at https://www.ebay.com/itm/351715095569?hash=item51e3da7411:g:HOIAAOSw-YBXGl4R
Image from Baseball-Reference.com


Louis Joseph "Lou" Schiappacasse (b. March 29, 1881 in Ann Arbor, MI – d. September 20, 1910 in Ann Arbor, MI), nicknamed "Shippy," was a professional baseball player from 1902 to 1910. He briefly played Major League Baseball for the Detroit Tigers in September 1902. Lou was the son of Anton "Anthony" and Caterina "Catherine" Schiappacasse both originally of Neirone, Genoa, Liguria, Italy. Lou's father, Anton, was a fruit dealer and confectioner operating from locations on Main Street in Ann Arbor, Michigan until his death.

Lou played a couple of games in right field for the Detroit Tigers in 1902. Both games were for the Detroit Tigers on September 7th and 8th of 1902. In his two Major League Baseball games, he was hitless with a base on balls in six plate appearances for a .167 on-base percentage. He played right field for the Detroit Tigers; making an error on his only chance. Schiappacasse is one of the rare players with career batting averages and fielding percentages of .000. He also holds the distinction of having the longest last name (13 letters) of any player for the Detroit Tigers in their 100+ year history.

Lou also had a minor league career through 1910 as a third baseman, second baseman and shortstop.

Lou is remembered for having one of the longest last names among major leaguers. Sporting Life butchered his name in the September 20, 1902 issue, calling him "Schiacapasse" in one place and "Shipp" in a box score. He died in 1910 at the age of 29 from typhoid fever.

(excerpted from Baseball Almanac, BR Bullpen & Wikipedia)


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