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henry hank coppola image from sodano coppola website
from Sporting News via the Coppola Sodano website

Player: Coppola, Henry


Position: RHP

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from Cop pola Sodano website


Henry Peter Coppola (In August 4, 1912 in East Douglas, MA – July 10, 1990 in Norfolk, MA) was a pitcher in Major League Baseball. He played for the Washington Senators in 1935 and 1936.

At 22, he pitched 19 games in 1935 with an ERA of 5.92, allowing 72 hits and 29 walks while fanning only 19 in 59 1/3 innings. Yet, nine pitchers on the Senators staff that year had an ERA worse. The following year, he dealt in 6 games through May 7th. His ERA was 4.50 in 14 innings, surrendering 17 hits with 12 walks to just 2 strikeouts.

From the family website, Henry:

  • had sports editorials written about him, sketches drawn of him, and pictures made with movie stars.
  • was the #1 pitching prospect of the Washington Senators.
  • played for teams in: Hartford, CT; Albany, NY; Baltimore, MD; Washington, DC; Chattanooga, TN, and Charlotte, NC.
  • was given many nicknames: Young Fire-baller - Speed Right Hander - Stocky Right Hander - Fireball King - Sturdy Little Chunker - Stocky Little Italian - Tarzan Coppola - Little Tarzan - Rangy Italian - Little Italian Boy.
  • name was spelled many different ways: Cappola - Cappolo - Capola - Capolo - Capolla - Cappolia - Copolo - Copolla - Coppolo - Cupola - Cuppola - Cuppolo - Kappola. Each variation required a separate newspaper search.
  • never gave up! He did everything he could to rehab his sore arm and recover from surgeries. He was determined to keep his baseball dream alive.

(excerpted from Coppola/Sodano website, Baseball Almanac, BR Bullpen & Wikipedia)


From the Evening Star newspaper Sports via Copp ola Sodano website


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